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Are you stuck at work and need to make progress?

Come for a couple of days to work in a different environment, quiet and without distractions

al Bosque is a hostel that besides having all the amenities of a good hostel, is also suitable and comfortable for work.

It’s located in Santa Elena, at the gates of the Arví Park, between forests and landscapes, has a quiet, and homey atmosphere, which makes it a perfect place for work and/or study.

Here you will find all the amenities of a good hostel

Open kitchen

Good bathrooms

Fireplace and campfire

Free parking

Easy public transportation

Grocery store

besides the best working conditions

Comfortable work stations

Good Internet

Few distractions

Cool weather

Nature and fresh air

Comfortable and quiet areas


And to complement the experience in the surrounding area you will find…



Food delivery

Ecological trails


Bicycle routes

We have plans for everyone

Private rooms


Work day

¿Do you want to see the place?

¿What do our users say?

"This is a nice little campground next to a trail that leads to Parque Avri. I rented the tent, which has a comfortable bed, couch, and desk. My car had a flat tire when I woke up, and they helped me out with some tools I needed to change the tire. I was concerned about missing my flight but everything worked out fine. Thanks for the help!"

Jeff MadayEstados Unidos

"Totalmente recomendado el glamping es una opción diferente para los que quieren vivir experiencias distintas es un lugar tranquilo de gente muy amable y a los que le gusten los animales se van a encontrar un grupo de hermosos perros que te dan la mejor bienvenida desde el momento en el que llegas"

Juan CamiloColombia

“la atención es de confianza y familiar, lo que permite estar cómodo en todo momento.”


"Very nice hostel... must visit place..Net and clean"

Aman GillIndia

"Un lugar perfecto para salir de la ciudad, desconectar y volver a conectar. Gente maravillosa y un ambiente tranquilo para trabajar con descansos activos. Súper recomendado!"

Jonas SylvesterInglaterra

"Excelente servicio, lugar majestuoso, el aire fresco y las aves son un regalo del cielo"

John JairoColombia

"Es un excelente lugar para desconectarse. Es increíble la energía con que te reciben, me sentí entre amigos. Gracias a David, a su papá, a sus amigos y los 5 hermosos perritos, por regalarnos una noche excelente. Volveremos!!"

Paula AriasColombia

"Great views, lots of space & clean air. You may want to stay longer."


"La tranquilidad, el frío espectacular y ademas la chimenea, hacia muchos años no estaba en un lugar así de chevere. espero volver con mi familia para que disfruten de este lugar y de la frecura que nos brinda la naturaleza"


“Es el lugar perfecto para desconectarse. La tranquilidad que puedes encontrar allá es increíble. Volveré, sin lugar a dudas. Súper recomendado!”


“Una experiencia muy buena para descansar y reencontrarse con la naturaleza. La atención muy buena, nos ayudaron demasiado con las indicaciones para llegar al lugar.”


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If you want to…

Fire up your creativity and find inspiration

Work in a quiet environment to concentrate

Get away from day-to-day distractions

Make an extended day of work with your team

…Then give yourself a day of work in a quiet place, without distractions and with all the comforts you need

We’re waiting for you at

al Bosque

But if I do not have a vehicle…

How can I get there?

Bus transportation

Bus transportation

You can take the bus at “Calle 50 con Carrera 40” (The last one leaves at 10:00 PM), we recommend to tell the dispatcher (or the driver) that you are going to “tres puertas” so they can guide you. Once you get to “tres puertas” you will be 100mts away from the hostel.

To get back to Medellín the buses pass by the hostel.

Metrocable transportation

Metrocable transportation

To get to the hostel by the Metrocable you have to take the Metro system and go all the way to the end of the Cable Arví (Line L). The schedule is from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (More info).

The Metrocable works every day but Mondays (or Tuesday when Monday was a holiday)

Taxi transportation

Taxi transportation

You can also come to al bosque by taxi or Uber at any time, the price varies depending on where you are in the city.

If you´re gonna do this is recommendable to have marked on the map the hostel location to guide the driver.

Do you want to book or you have a question?

Call us to:

(+57) 300 395 5557

Pdta: We also answer to Whatsapp